Explore new business opportunities and gain some valuble insights from your greatest business asset, data!

Data Insights

More businesses are taking advantage of the insights that analytics can provide to drive action and value. Forward-looking companies view analytics as a competitive differentiator. These early adopters understand the value of analytics in helping them to compete, grow, stream line line of business processes and explore more opportunities.

The benefits of analytics play out across a wide range of horizontal and vertical use cases—from improving up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, price adjustments, perfromance of delivery and deeper understanding of data coming out of iOT devices.

All of these use cases illustrate how analytics can provide value.

They create a virtuous cycle—as an organization uses analytics for insight and action, it gets better results and those better results drive further success. The company continues to build on its progress, becoming more sophisticated and more successful.

At Dunes, we have the industry experience, exposure and expertise to guide your business to seamlessly integrate analytics to drive value and growth.

Open Source

The open source model has become popular, especially for big data and data science, because it is a low-cost source community for innovation. We see increasing interest in open source for analytics. For example, in a 2017 survey, the majority of those planning advanced analytics projects are planning to do so using open source analytics technology. Although excitement is building around open source analytics, many organizations still do not know much about it, including how to get started and whether open source is even right for them.

Self Service BI

Business users are more often looking to do the analytics themselves. The Business Analytics & BI team at Dunes provides data and analytics leaders and practitioners with valuable direction and expanded skills for telling stories with data, designing highly effective dashboards and scorecards, and empowering people across the organization to make faster, more informed business decisions.

At Dunes, we thrive on helping our clients navigate and explore the complex world of data. We provide custom solutions so businesses can take advantage of their valuble asset, data.

We make sure that you benift from Actionable Insights, Data Visualization and Base Data Management. This include how data is captured at POS/iOT/UX and how it is stored, acess control, data governance and ETL for data analytics. The key to maximizing your investment in data management is the adoption of a scalable data strategy layer throughout the organization.

We focus on the user experience and change management components of a BI implementation as these will ultimately determine end user adoption and satisfaction.

The Data Warehouse provides the foundation for business intelligence by providing access to the appropriate data in a way that’s easy to understand.

The two main components are the design of a robust data model and the development of effective ETL (Extraction, Transformation & Loading) processes and at Dunes we have extensive experience in this process.

We help you to implement a reporting capability that provides you with insights on key business metrics to facilitate fast decision-making.

Data Domain Knowledge

  • Manufacturing
  • Government Projects
  • Airlines
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Banking & Finance
  • Enterprise Business Intelligence
  • Insurance
  • Big Data in Cloud - HDInsight