We build beautiful, engaging and cross platform mobile apps for your business using Xamarin and Microsoft Visual Studio Tools. We are here to help you to explore new business opportunities.

Band Pro App for Microsoft Band

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Band Pro App for Microsoft Band

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Apps & Games for Windows Phone, Windows and Android App Store

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Android - With market share above 60% and backed up by major corporations, possibilities are endless. We can help you to explore and convert your ideas into wonderful apps for your business needs.

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Windows Phone is designed to be simple and easy to operate. Windows Phone’s Live Tile feature creates a dynamic experience for the user and provides an opportunity to customize the Start Screen.

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Windows 10 is beautiful, fast, fluid and ready for business. Personalizes your Windows experience with the people, apps, and sites you care about most. Information you care most about flows to through live tiles.

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ADLC - App Development Life Cycle

Dunes App Portfolio include 25+ Apps with more than 300,000+ downloads. We have extensive experience in developing apps for iOS, Android and Windows. Dunes App Experts can quickly validate your app idea and even prototype to visualize your app full potential. Dunes App Experts will work with you to validate your app idea, provide insights and walk you through the entire App Development Life Cycle. Dunes has the experience and skillset to build your app to be more successful.