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Band Pro

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Design, create and personalize your Microsoft Band Wallpaper. Guaranteed! Of course with your unique imagination! Make it your own. Have fun with your band!

1. Choose a separate picture for background.
2. Choose 2 additional pictures into Round Tiles, overlay on top of the background image.
3. Round Tiles are to add extra pictures! Example, your sports team logo.
4. Round Tiles can be moved in horizontal direction.
5. Round Tiles can be removed
6. Built-in Picture Zoom and Crop feature.
7. Band Pro Cloud feature. Search for backgrounds and sports logos from App Cloud.

With great collection of sports team logos and wallpaper backgrounds, you will never have a boring wallpaper on your Microsoft Band again.

Note: This app requires the latest version of the Microsoft Health application installed (version 1.3.10417.1 or newer), as well as having the Band updated with the latest firmware (done through the Microsoft Health application).

Pixpressions App

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Create your own awesome expressions using Pixpressions App.

Customize the picture in the round tile.
Choose from Gallery or Camera and crop it.
You can re-position the picture too! Customize your message text.
Change background color.
Change text color.
Remove or Add the round tile (picture tile).
With one simple click, post to your Facebook instantly!

Go ahead, have fun! Create great Pixpressions!


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Listen to your favorite radio stations from all over the world.

Share the radio you are listening to with your buddies, instantly via WhatsApp. With featured, Juke will automatically launch from WhatsApp messsage and start playing the radio station.

Share feature works with WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Messenger and any Email.

Never miss your favorite song, talk show or your favorite sports radio broadcast.

Great collection of online radio stations.

Simple and easy to use interface.

Save and manage your favorite radio stations.

Browse by continent, country and city.

Easy to use radio collections for browsing and exploring.

More online radio stations database is updated on a regular basis.

Deal Central

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Never miss a local deal.

Deals are published exclusively by your local small businesses.

Browse or search local deals by Zip Code or Keyword.

Browse deals by using "Near Me" feature for quick access.

Browse deals by using "Popular" feature for quick access.

Share deals with friends and family.

Free to download.

Easy to use interface.

Save deals in Favorites section for future reference.

Simple list of categories.

Cavs Fan Forever

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Read blog posts from

Visit CavFanForever Facebook page, directly from the app

Visit CavFanForever Twitter page, directly from the app

More features are on the way.


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XStrike game is created based on the concepts of a very popular board game called, Carrom Board! Carrom Board is played and enjoyed by millions of people all around the globe. XStrike game play and rules are very similar to actual Carrom Board, with some additional features designed for touch enabled mobile screens for more entertainment and fun.
  • * XStrike features an AI Player as your opponent
  • * XStrike allows you to pick the Number of Coins (3 or 9) you would like to have on the board
  • * To win the game, you can pick your desired Target Points (15 or 29)
  • * XStrike features the classic way of capturing the Queen (Red) coin
  • * Works well on various screen sizes (tested on 7 inch tablets, Samsung S5 and Samsung Notes 5)
  • * Realistic coin movement, featuring popular compact physics engine
  • * You can Flick the Striker or touch a coin or point on the board as a target point to strike
  • * Handy Help screen for quick reference on basic rules and how to play instructions